Everlasting Classic 1961 Chevrolet Corvette RestoMod Available At Gateway Classic Cars: YOU SIMPLY WON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HER!!!

Do you know the song from Tom Jones, She’s a lady? We doubt that he sang it for her because she’s a lady in red, seductive and mind-blowing chic, once you own her you’ll never want to separate from her! She’s got grace!

Just look at that awesomely shaped red shiny body, with chromed grill on the front and beautifully finished tail. We are very happy to see this beauty for sale at Gateway Classic Cars. Pick an angle and stare at her, it doesn’t matter because she knows how to pose, she will always express emotions. Once you enter inside you will see her beautiful soul, the finished touches on the fully preserved interior will make you feel… It can’t be said through words, you need to feel it. She strives to keep the classic beauty and simplicity of her era while blending in modern comforts.

Maybe she is old from 1961 but she has a wild spirit and packs LS3 Chevrolet engine which can express 430 wild horses stampede ruled by the 5-speed manual gearbox Kiesler which is accented from the quad exhaust Borla. She car roar like a wild cat!

Play the video bellow and see this beauty of a car, 1961 Chevrolet Corvette.


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