Classic Recreations is Doing the Shelby G.T.350CR

Shelby G.T.350CR

A unique Shelby G.T.350CR is Classic Recreations` s new challenge.

The perfect combination of the old one-of-a-kind car and the classic Shelby elements that will refurbish it (some of them are riveted quarter window covers, functional brake scoops, side exhaust and LeMans stripes) will be auctioned on August 16, 2013 at at Mecum Auctions. The inspiration for this model is drawn from the 1966 Mustang fastback.

The Shelby no longer has the V-8 engine. Instead it was updated with a Ford Racing 7.0-liter V-8 engine
that produces 545 hp.

The car got Carroll Shelby series 1000 series seats, a top-shelf sound system, climate control , a dual-tank nitrous injection system, three-piece HRE Performance wheels, custom paint, and Wilwood brakes. After the planned promotion, the G.T.350CR will be launched into production. The starting price it is believed to be $119,000.


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