How to Clean Fuel Injectors?

In order to generate power and keep your vehicle moving, your engine needs to combust fuel. However, you can’t simply burn fuel to power your diesel engine; you need to burn the proper mixture of fuel and air. Fuel injectors are responsible for injecting the right amount of fuel into the manifold at the right angle, where it can mix with air and become a combustible mixture. This is an essential part of what gives your engine power.

Unfortunately, fuel injectors can get dirty and become clogged over time. Fuel injectors are especially susceptible to damage if you’re using low-quality fuel, or if some contaminant gets into your fuel. Cleaning your fuel injectors can help restore the performance your engine once had.

One way to clean your fuel injectors is to use a fuel treatment. These additives are designed to help clean out your fuel system, which includes dislodging clogs in your fuel injectors. Stanadyne Performance Formula is a good choice if you’re looking for a fuel additive to clean your injectors.

You can also invest in a fuel injector cleaning kit, which connects to your fuel system to help clean your fuel injectors. These kits are generally fairly inexpensive, although it’s important to make sure you’re choosing a kit that works with your engine. If you don’t want to clean your fuel injectors yourself or risk buying the wrong kit, Thompson Diesel can take care of it for you.


How Do You Know if Fuel Injectors are Clogged?

Because the main job of a fuel injector is to inject fuel into the manifold where it’s mixed with air, clogged fuel injectors are a big problem. Fuel injectors may become dirty or clogged where the fuel passes through, which can lead to performance issues. In severe cases, a clogged fuel injector can completely restrict fuel from traveling through the injector, at which point you can do serious damage to your engine. Regular fuel injector maintenance can help prevent the buildup of dirt and clogs.

Clogged fuel injectors can lead to serious performance problems, but there are a lot of little changes you may notice in your engine if your fuel injectors are clogged. Here are some of the signs that you may have clogged fuel injectors:

  • Trouble starting
  • Rough idling/inconsistent rev speeds
  • Failed emissions tests
  • Poor performance
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Engine knocking
  • Engine bucking and surging
  • Dirty exhaust region

If your engine is being slowed down by clogged fuel injectors, you can either invest in new fuel injectors or pick up a fuel injector cleaning kit to clean your injectors at home. You can also use fuel additives that are designed to clean your fuel injectors. If all else fails, Thompson Diesel can help you get your fuel injectors in working order again.


Can You Clean Fuel Injectors by Yourself?

You might be wondering if you can clean your fuel injectors by yourself to save some money. You’ve got a couple of different options when it comes to cleaning your fuel injectors at home, but it’s important that you know what you’re doing and talk to an expert before you get started. The folks at Thompson Diesel have years of experience cleaning fuel systems and injectors, so we can recommend fuel treatments and other ways to keep your fuel injectors clean at home. If you think you can tackle cleaning fuel injectors at home, here’s what you need to know.

The first option is to use a fuel injector cleaning kit to clean your fuel injectors. These kits are fairly affordable, but it’s important to make sure you get a kit that’s compatible with your diesel engine. Here’s a quick guide once you’ve got a kit:

  1. Remove the fuel pump, then remove the fuel injectors
  2. Disconnect your pressure regulator valve (if applicable)
  3. Connect your cleaning kit per the instructions
  4. Remove your fuel tank cap to avoid a buildup of pressure
  5. Start your engine and let it run until the kit is empty
  6. Remove the cleaning kit and reattach your pump and injectors
  7. Start your car to see if everything is working right
  8. If there are any new noises or other problems with your car, take it to a mechanic

Fuel treatments are another option when it comes to cleaning your fuel injectors to improve performance and fuel economy. Some fuel additives are designed to break down the dirt and grime that causes clogs in your fuel injectors. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these additives aren’t necessarily designed to clear the worst fuel injector clogs, so you may need to replace your fuel injectors or visit a mechanic to fix all your performance issues.

It’s important to note that cleaning isn’t always the right option for bad fuel injectors. If your fuel injectors are especially old or very badly clogged, your mechanic may recommend replacing them so you’re not running the risk of engine failure or detonation.

There are definitely options if you want to clean your fuel injectors at home, but is an at-home cleaning as good as a fuel injector cleaning from Thompson Diesel? If you care about your diesel engine, you should make sure you’ve got qualified professionals working on it. A home cleaning simply doesn’t provide the same quality as Thompson Diesel fuel injector cleaning services. Even if you’re using Stanadyne Performance Formula or another fuel additive, you should visit Thompson Diesel for a fuel injector cleaning as soon as you notice any dips in performance.


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