CLIMBING ON SAND HILLS In Liwa, UAE Up To 3600hp! Different Kind Of Drag Race Discipline On Sand:

Where else if not in the United Arab Emirates. Yeah, while we in the US have the ordinary drag racing on asphalt which you must admit gives a good traction and excellent surface for burning the tires, the gentlemen in UAE want to be different. Their new slant of this moto racing discipline is some kind of mash up between off-road and drag race!

We admit it, it looks good and authentic! So if you are looking for extra fun and adrenaline same as the drag races in US can provide, then you can switch to watching this, and believe us, you won’t regret!

Huge massive Nissan Patrol SUVs with enormously powerful engines which surpass each expectation are sprinting uphill with ease while throwing jet flames from the separate exhaust pipes from each cylinder. Some of them are twin-turbo charged, some are NOS-powered and some of them have the both because there are no restrictions. Many of the SUVs and the trucks surpass 3,600HP so it must be impressive for watching.

Take your time and watch the video bellow, you will enjoy it!


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