COLOSSAL Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty ROAMS Island During the COLDEST STORMS!

Iceland is a state-island, which is located in the North Atlantic, its capital, Reykjavik, is considered the northernmost capital of the world. The name of this place translates as “the country of ice”, and the cold beauty of this Scandinavian beauty is known throughout the world. For many it is associated with volcanoes and glaciers, there are very interesting places with untouched nature, ice fields, snow-capped mountains, the coast of the bay and the fjords.

Having the need to deal with the difficult terrain during the winter and summer, in ‘70s the people in Iceland started experimenting with bigger tires and low tire pressures on the snow with interesting results. However, yet in the middle of the ‘80s, started to emerge practical solutions, for which quickly there was a high demand. The result of the whole process was small garages and workshops where people and companies modified their vehicles.

Thus were built the so called Arctic trucks. On the video below we present another of these cool powerful winter machines. The model featured on the video is a Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty.  This awesome snow truck is so big, that its step bar has a step bar. Imagine that! 🙂


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