COMBINE WARS – Cow Tipping Discipline – WHO WINS This Reverse Tug of War?

Some people in the United States just love to cherish their ranching tradition in every possible way. Even if it means transforming their combine harvester into a cow! But that’s only the beginning of the story. What use would you have from a custom cow combine harvester if you don’t use it to battle…other combines turned into cows. Obviously these people got bored of the usual combine demolition derbies, so they decided to add some originality in the event.

Here we have a footage of the Demolition Derby event that took place at Buck Motorsports in Quarryville, Pennsylvania back in 2009. You can see few battles with combines that try to flip over the opponent. These customized combines are quite awesome and genuine as they are painted to resemble real cows and adorned with tails too. Their owners even gave them unique names such as Dixie Deere and Cow-Bine. This is definitely a show that you don’t see every day!

And just when you thought that it’s not possible to get any more redneck…they manage to prove you wrong. Enjoy this great and entertaining show! 🙂


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