CURSED Corvette C4 Driver Had A Huge Luck While Doing A FULL 360 On The Highway!

Sometimes the old mighty cars are not for everyone, but this driver had a huge luck.

Just to refresh your memory if you forgotten the details about this masterpiece. This is the fourth generation of Corvette which was on the production line from 1986 to 1996, impressive ten years of existence, besides the fact that you can find a lot of rumors on the internet putting this series in the worst ever made.

But we don’t think so. If we consider that Lotus helped GM to develop the L98 V8 engine that was powering the standard C4 with four overhead camshafts, 32 valves, producing 375hp when at wide open throttle, this car can do miracles as you can see on the video.

While driving in his blue Chevy Corvette C4 he tried to switch gear and change the lane but instead he made a 360 degrees spin on the highway. Fortunately he didn’t crash anything or got injured. This Corvette owner just kept on driving like nothing happened. I bet he’ll have a lot to tell his wife. 🙂

Watch the video bellow to see what exactly happened.


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