Corvette Stingray Gold Digger Prank TOTALLY EXPOSED! I Wouldn’t Censor Her Face, LET EVERYBODY KNOW HER :) LOL

This is the best commercial for the Corvette Stingray and the worst nightmare. It is the gold digger prank that has been done on a girl and it is going to make you laugh and cry at the same time. Laughing because of the way the host is going to tell the girl that she has been pranked and you are going to cry because of the world that we are living in.

The gold digger prank video starts with the blond girl that seems to be waiting for someone and with the guy that is going to do the prank. He approaches the girl and asks for her name on which she is not answering nothing. In fact she is ignoring him all the time. All the questions that came from the guy were not answered or was given just a half answer which doesn’t count. After the guy gave the signal for the Corvette Stingray to arrive there is the white car on the scene.

The valet parking guy says to the owner “Sir here are the keys” and thanking him for the large tip given as well. At this point the gold digger prank is getting much better. The girl suddenly turns to the guy and says to him “Nice Car”. Now we know that this girl is such a gold digger and she will have her turn in the video. This is a great explanation that follows the rule that if you got a nice car you will get nicer girls as well. But who wants a gold digger anyway?

The real humiliation came when the guy did something really unexpected from him that embarrassed the girl. Leaving her with the tool in her hands is the best thing that he could do, after telling her that she is going to be on YouTube in a couple of hours.


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