Corvette Z06 Becoming Z07 with a Twin-Turbo V8!

Car and Driver believes that the hybrid version merging the new C7 Corvette model with the Corvette Z06 is the next GM`s Regular Production Code just as Z06 and Z28 and to represent a model name.
Corvete Z07

This Corvette is furbished with a small-block 6.2-liter V8 engine with an additional power of by twin-turbos. It is predicted this Corvette to run up to 600 horsepower. Moreover, the Z07 is equipped with larger tires wrapping carbon-ceramic stoppers.

The estimated price is $100,000, which is $24,400 higher than the Z06, and $12,600 than the ZR1. Let`s revise some statistics:

In 2001, the year the Z06 premiered, the MSRP of a 350-hp Corvette coupe amounted $40,725: the MSRP of the 385-horsepower Z06 was $48,500; the 455-hp Stingray was $51,995.

Here you have another Chevy Z06/Z07 model:


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