THE WORLD’S FASTEST IMPORT IS HERE! Crazy Fast 1/4 Supra In The World By EKanoo Racing Runs 5.97@240MPH!!!

This may be the fastest non-American vehicle, the Toyota Supra is the fastest import. This was stated when the car managed to make the quarter mile pass in just five seconds. That proves that other people than Americans can produce and make fast cars.

This Toyota Supra by EKano Racing have been under heavy modifications and tuning, so now it has the five second pass for the quarter mile. Everybody is thinking about customizing the car and making it faster, but as we know there always will be somebody who has faster and better car than ours.

That’s why the race is in the garage as well, who will fit the better part on the engine, or who will chip it better. Drag racing car like this Toyota Supra shouldn’t be allowed to race in the American’s races because maybe all American cars will get defeated.

Saving them from the shame this powerful Toyota Supra made a run on the quarter mile track alone, so that the other drivers will know what to expect from it, and if not challenged any time soon, this car will get even faster than it is now, so better hurry and challenge it.


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