CRAZY Woman Driver – Runs on a Red Light, No Tires and SPARKS EVERYWHERE! Police Chasing Her!

Adrenaline ride full of sparks: Newark experienced a premature New Year’s Eve!

Here is one absurdity that one just do not see very often. The woman behind the wheel of the car tried a little adventure on the streets, and forgot one small detail – she was driving the car without a front wheel, which resulted in lot of sparks from the front axle scratching the asphalt.

Americans may once again be attributed to their uniqueness on another account. On the road other than drivers, road pirates and incredible stunts you will also find the “sparkling” woman. Its main feature is driving a car without the front wheel to make one hell of a scintillating show. This is truly something that you don’t see every day!

The author of the recording tried several times to warn the female driver that in addition to himself she is also threatening other members of the traffic. The curious case was addressed to the police officers who were called and so the woman finally stopped. See this intense event on the next video:


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