MEAN and POISONOUS CUSTOM Three-Wheeler: Scorpion RT At The G. Smith Motorsports Display!

There is no comparable this three-wheeled vehicle on the market, this is the mean, nasty Scorpion RT ladies and gentleman and it is available to buy it from Bourget Dealers.

This is an eye-catching beauty and ScottieDTV’s profound taste caught it on his camera lens, and thanks to him we can share it with you.

There is no way that this three-wheeled motorcycle will not catch you eyes on the streets, that polished S&S Engine and the sound from the BBW Scorpion RT Exhaust – long 2 into 1 with billet cap is singing.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be like that if the engine don’t fit the story, but it fits so well, 1.9-liter V2 four stroke with 5-speed gearbox and belt rear transmission.

On the video you can see how this baby is working, yeah, smoothly and gently and we imagined ourselves how in group we are riding on the Miami coast while the hot wind blows our hairs, it is amazing even to imagine but can you guess how does it feels? We bet is awesome. If someone of you ever had the chance to ride one of these we would love to hear from you in the comments.

Now take a look at the Scorpion RT.


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