Definitely A CRAZY RIDE! CHEVY CAMARO RIDING ON MASSIVE 32-INCH RIMS To Capture The Girls Attention!

Yeah on heavy-duty suspension with locking differentials, custom made! And that’s not all, the interesting fact is that you can go a on safari, it’s convertible! Everything sounds perfect just to be true and real!

This is not an off-road ultimate car with heavy-duty suspension, it’s just fit on 32 inch rims, two times bigger than the the standard Camaro rims. This car is the property of Corey Jones who works at Excalibur Motors in Joliet, Illinois.

Maybe it looks funny but this owner imagined his Camaro this way and made it like in his dreams! And it’s unique, nothing similar can be noticed hanging on the streets around, and those moving parts on the rims, amazing work!

There are more interesting details besides the rims, just notice the sleek green color that looks seductive and hi-tech interior! What you will say about the screens on the doors? Can they be used for something useful?

Watch the video bellow and see this unique Camaro of Corey Johns which is eye-catching car in many ways.


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