DIESEL POWER – The New Fastest Diesel Truck In The World – 228 MPH On a Salt Lake!

The Joint Venture is a modified diesel truck that currently holds the speed record of 228 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah. This result made Joint Venture the fastest diesel truck in the world. To bring a closer idea to you about this truck just imagine only four cylinders producing 750 hp more than the V8 engine in your car. OK, now ask yourself how much power would 16 of these potent babies do! Well, there you have it. This is the modified Freightliner Joint Venture owned by Don Lemmons from Kelso, Washington.

This truck was built based on a highway hauler Freightliner, equipped with a monstrous 2 stroke Detroit diesel engine with 16 cylinders. The engine was taken from a tugboat and later heavily modified with 4 gigantic turbochargers, 2 blowers, 2 inter coolers, front tires from the F-15 Eagle tactical fighter and rear tires from a Boeing 737. Is this enough? Nope. This Frankenstein truck has even more. It has one of the most powerful roll cages in the world, huge parachute and much more. Weighing almost ten tons, to compare this monster with a WWII Bomber Plane is a very mild statement.


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