DIRTY MEAN Tractor Tug Of War During The 2nd Annual MUD MANIA At King Knob!!! This Is TRUE POWER!!!

Seeing this large tractor tug of war is the greatest thing to see this week. This is a monster truck that has the tractor tires on it and it is pulling like two of those. So cool to see how this large machine is working like a clock without glitches at all. From all the mud that has been splattered on the body of the vehicle we cannot even see the color of it. But we know that it is too cool and that’s why it is the Mud Mania king on the tractor tug of war competition. The driver that is inside the vehicle is looking too proud to be driving it and why not, he has won the races or the tugs and now he gets to show off with it too.

Splashing the mud to the audience is not a good idea but if you go to these kinds of events you know that everybody wants to make a scene. And making a scene with so large tires is not hard at all. Just stepping on the gas pedal is going to make those muddy tires to throw large piles of it on all sides.

The track seems greatly prepared as well. The tractor tug of war has been made for a long time and all the competitors are well known with the terrain that they are taking the battles on. It is not asphalt but it is hard track with dirt and rocks on it too. The tires are getting the grip needed in order to pull the opponent in their direction and thus winning the battle. Great skills shown from the drivers too, they know when to brake and when to step on the gas. The ones that lost are going home crying and the others are going to celebrate the whole week.


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