DMC’s Lamborghini Aventador

DMC’s Lamborghini Aventador
This is an amazing opportunity to write about this even more amazing vehicle. The artist that answers by the name of Jordan Chong constructed a photo session with this beauty and made pretty awesome images.

This LP700 wears Molto Veloce kit and has received a blue warp that is an overlay of the original paint which is actually Orange. I think that orange will suite this car more but that’s just my opinion, after all it is an artistic choice.

This super car is becoming DMC’s special version and so far it has been fitted with a carbon fiber rear fascia including a whole new diffuser, bumper, rear wing spoiler and an extra tunnel system. This is just a slightest description of its awesomeness while the images tell you a bigger story.


The front fascia has whole new redesigned carbon fiber spoiler sword and it has also different front slitter lip. This fits onto the stock bumper which also has new side skirt diffusers for better stability on the road.

The car has also improved aerodynamics which will guide its way while it unleashes its 700 horses power which if you are driving its more powerful brother will have 200 horses more. This power was developed by DMC but it wasn’t applied on the Aventador. Here are the images:


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