DOCTOR IN YOUR CAR? Ford Made A Seat That Detects HEART ATTACKS!!!

No one would argue with the fact that a heart attack at the driver, who is behind the wheel, can lead to tragic consequences not only for him but also for others. According to the analysis by specialists in Ford, in 2025 about a quarter of the Europeans drivers will have at least 65 years. This figure rises to one-third by 2050. And since the risk of cardiovascular disease increases with age, the elderly drivers are more likely to get out of it in an accident.

Ford Motor Company instructed its European Research Centre in Aachen (Germany) undertake the development of the system, aimed at reducing the number of accidents related to the problem. At the request of the automaker, it has developed a prototype seat with contactless technology ECG, which can warn the driver of the danger and even send GPS-coordinates of the vehicle rescue services.

In the prototype seat Ford uses ECG technology that monitors the electrical impulses of the heart, and shows signs of violations, at the same time warning the driver that he or she should consult a doctor. However, while a normal ECG in a physician’s office requires metal electrodes attached to the skin at various points of the body, the seat has six built-in sensors that can monitor heart activity through the clothes of the driver.


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