Dodge Challenger vs. Boeing 737 CGI – WHO WINS THIS ONE?

Check out this CGI аnimated race in 3D entitled “Dodge Challenger vs. Boeing 737“, created by the talented Andrew Novickij from Moscow, Russia! This video is only part of a complete project that is underway to hone his skills and experience with 3ds Max. The software used is Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and V-Ray rendering the engine.

It took about 2 months for this great work to be completed. It is quite impressive to see the look of the blown Challenger as the door of the garage opens up and the light shows the sinister headlights. The car even had attached thrusters on its back which gave it an incredible boost. Supplemented by a totally appropriate song when it comes to drag races – Metallica’s “I Disappear”, this video will definitely make your day!

So ladies and gentleman prepare yourself to witness a phenomenal race between this mighty muscle car and a Boeing 737! Who do you think will be victorious? Enjoy watching this great show! 🙂


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