Dodge Viper-Based FORCE 1 V10 SUPERCAR Designed By Henrik Fisker And VLF Automotive At The 2016 Detroit Auto Show!!! Mmmm THOSE CURVES!

The donor is a Dodge Viper and the new creation is called Force 1 V10. The Force 1 V10 is one great looking car, keeping in mind that it is Viper inspired, the engineers couldn’t go wrong with the design.

This is one tough nut to crack because the body and all the body parts outside are made out of carbon fiber, to ensure that the car will be rock solid and with very light weight too. Now the total weight of the car is 3395 pounds, which is a great score for the team.

The interior hasn’t been left behind too. It is made out of nice leather, with extravagance needed to show that this car is one luxurious model. Also inside there are few more additions to the style of the car, like the amazing and most used wine holder.

That is one attachment that is not liked by the police officers, but it is cool to have a drink inside the car without driving it at all. The engine is a powerful V10 style, with total of 745 HP. This power is more than enough for this light weight super car.


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