Experience The Excitement – Doing a Drift With Nissan GT-R On A Wet Road!!!

Picture this, imagine that you live near a circuit which takes place during the weekend either you are driving to one and you realize that it’s your lucky day, as one day which is more than black and cloudy, a lot of supercars appear that can make things change as they walked on the runway.

On a day like this, the track, not surprisingly, is very wet so your spirits are reduced. Especially if you expect to record some good shots of units that are still desirable and good enough to wish for them. But, not all is bad news, especially when some Nissan GT-R on the track treads and leaves everyone with open mouth wondering how was that even possible.

Precisely because of these special circumstances the owner of the black RWD Nissan GT-R R35 which you see on the video below dared to drift sideways around the wet circuit with his wonderful supercar at the same inviting the camera to make an excellent footage of this obscure object of desire. Enjoy this wonderful drifting performance of the Nissan GT-R!


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