Drag Race: 1001HP Bugatti Veyron vs. 700HP Tuned Nissan Juke-R

The 1,001 hp Bugatti Veyron challenged a transformed Nissan Juke-R with approximately 700 horsepower. This top vehicle was taken care of by Shpilli Villi Engineering in St. Petersburg Campaign who gave the engine a little boost. The standard 545 hp (406 kW) was leveled up to an incredible 700 hp (522 kW). RML cluster in Northants, UK created just four units of this model car.

Bugatti Veyron VS 700HP Tuned Nissan Juke-R

Due to lower curb weight, the Juke-R had a fabulous start. As expected, the Bugatti Veyron won the race.

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