DREAM MACHINE is NOW REAL – Rolling Launch Control In A 700 HP Nissan GT-R !!!

Have you ever ever heard of Rolling Launch Control? We had at least never heard of it and that makes this video all the more interesting.

The standard Nissan GT-R is one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world thanks to the great launch control. The Ecutek system in this 700-hp Monstaka tuned GT-R ensures that you can use launch control while driving which makes the acceleration even more violent and terrifying!

The system works as follows: The pressure is build up in the turbos while the car remains driving at constant speed. If sufficient pressure is built up, you just press a button and BOOM! the engine has suddenly gathered enough turbocharging and power through which the acceleration is optimal.

This system is designed for rolling drag races “so you do not have to wait first for two seconds after the launch for the boost pressure to be built up. Ingenious system with a great result!


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