DRIVING On The Verge Of DEATH In The Mountains of Peru!!! Amazing Driving Skills Never Seen Before !!!

The Scania corporation has a nice competition for truck drivers called Scania Driver Competitions, holding since 2003. The Scania Driver Competitions 2014 will be the sixth edition. With it, the corporation is hoping to attract more than 50,000 truck drivers from 40 countries around the world to participate in the world’s largest truck driving and training event. Also the aim of the corporation is to celebrate professional truck drivers with great skills driving cautiously in extreme conditions and tough situations on the road. Drivers like this man on the video below.

Drivers like Henrry Tank Piedra from Peru, who drives his truck on steep, narrow and extremely dangerous mountain roads in the Andes. This video, made in Balsas -- Peru is a true example of the challenges typically faced by truck drivers in their daily activities. To be the best, it requires skill, experience and safety knowledge. People like him are true giants among humanity. I am amazed by him and hope he will win the competition.

What do you think of this courageous man? Witness the amazing story of this man on the short video below:


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