DRUNK Driver in FULLY LOADED TRUCK – Insane Crazy Police Chase on an Open Highway!

This recording from a highway police patrol chasing a fully loaded truck with a transportation cars who’s driver is ’flipping off ‘, is an exciting real time ’show‘ with a lot of gun shots being fired and high speed chase, full with an adrenalin rush.

When you have completely and fully loaded truck with cars for transportation and a driver who is drunk as mule, things do not smell on something good. As you will se on the video bellow, the police is after the guy for a long time, and even as they are firing from their pistols at him, he does not plan to stop, but continues with his dangerous game, putting everyone’s life at extreme danger.

After almost a hundred shots has been fired at the truck’s tires and tank, cops somehow managed to make this guy stop. Maybe this video is funny to be watched but is also a perfect example why you should not drink and drive at the same time.


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