Drunk Guy Gets A Direct Blow In The Face After Trying To Pick A Fight In London McDonald’s !!!

The situation on the video below is not very surprising. Something like this is a typical thing in 4 am after a busy (read: heavily drunk) Friday night. In London McDonald’s some really drunk guy is pissed off for a certain reason and tries to start a fight. He’s making a big fuss and attempts to give another guy a head butt. But oh boy, is he up for a big surprise! His potential victim decides to strike back and teach the drunk dude a lesson he will never forget as long as he lives. Or at least as long as he goes to McDonald’s where the memory will rise again in his mind.

With a single blow he is knocked down cold on the ground. But, that’s not the end yet. In order to make sure that he learned the lesson, his “teacher” kicks him in the face while he’s lying on the floor. I wonder if he’ll think the next morning that all of this was just a bad dream 🙂

Check this out on the video below:


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