Earth-shattering Machine Worth $ 1 Million!!! Witness The Massive Caterpillar 631G Scraper!!!

The wheel scraper Caterpillar 631G has fast loading and high travel speeds. The ability to load and dump on the run of this the tractor-scraper enables itto achieve high performance.

Engines C18 and C9 with ACERT ™ Technology are characterized by optimum power with low content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. Engine combined with torque converter and transmission switching under load is designed for reliable and economical operation for many years. Net power of the engine in the tractor/scraper is 345 kW (462 hp.)

Electronic control system enables you to navigate through the torque converter from the drive to direct drive through the selected gear, which results in a significantly greater traction. For smooth operation and longer service life, the engine of the tractor and scraper are synchronized.

Excellent strength construction provides a perfect comfort during movement, high load capacity and accuracy of movement on soil, as well as the durability and reliability that have become synonymous with the brand Caterpillar for many customers.

Here is one of these terrific machines worth 1 million U.S. dollars.


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