EARTH TREMBLES Under His Feet! Steam apprentice Richie WILL BE Future Steam Champion!

Even the longest and toughest road trip has its beginning and its first step, every champion in the world had started modestly, in a place where you do not see and interact with your idols on daily basis. I’m saying all this because the video that we have prepared for you in this post can be interpreted as such – the first ‘steps’ toward the glory, the beginning of a future driving career. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

But what we actually have here is a little boy name Richie, ‘kicking some ass’ with his dad’s (probably) old 4.5 inch Burrell Traction Engine, with a nickname “Fred”. The video has been recorded some four years ago, and if everything abovementioned has at least one in a million chance to become reality, than we are really looking at one of the first steps of the new Ken Block in the world of cars, or maybe tractors! J

So, it is clear that you should not take this serious, because you know well that we are just joking watching this funny video. And I suggest you do the same and have a nice time watching it. Cheers!


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