Easy to Schedule Reliable Car Shipping Service, and You’ll Always Save 10% or More!

If you’ve spent much time on America’s interstate highways, you’ve seen plenty of car haulers on the road delivering vehicles. Car Shipping Companies help auto dealers and wholesalers keep plenty of inventory on their lots, and their drivers travel millions of miles a year. The size of their operation enables them to scale the cost of vehicle transportation services down to affordable price points, and they need to keep their car haulers full to stay profitable. Reserving a space on a car hauler is a lot like buying a bus or airline ticket, and We Will Transport It is here to help you save 10% or more on door-to-door automobile shipping service.

How Much Is Car Transport Service?

The price that you pay for vehicle transportation will be determined by mileage and the mode of transport you select. Domestic ground transportation in an open car hauler will range from $500-$2,250, and we will schedule door-to-door shipping on your schedule. We can also transport your vehicle in an enclosed trailer for an additional 30-40%. Enclosed trailer shipping is also a great way to ship motorcycles, auction purchases, and car parts.

How Can I Compare Car Transportation Quotes?

Savvy consumers understand the importance of comparing prices, and shopping for car transport is no exception! When you contact one of our WWTI transportation specialists, he or she will give you a free quote that’s based on the current market price for vehicle transport services. Once you confirm your order, your agent will make leading transportation companies place bids for your pick-up. We only allow trusted transportation companies to bid for your shipping job, and the bidding process ensures that you’ll get value pricing.

Get Your No-Obligation Car Transportation Quote Today!

Shipping your car on a hauler is a great way to travel worldwide on your terms. You can’t always count on reliable ground transportation when you travel, and you can have your vehicle waiting for you when you land. We also offer overseas car transport services, and you can ship your vehicle to and from great destinations such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We’ll schedule ground transportation from your home to a port city, and your car will travel the rest of the way in a cargo shipping container or a roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) transport. Elite Car Shipping Company has a long tradition of providing exceptional customer service, and you can count on the personal touch every step of the way.


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