Eco Bike Girl I WANNA MARRY!!! Try To Litter If You Dare And She Will TROW YOUR TRASH Into YOUR FACE!!

On YouTube appeared this video which is gaining enormous popularity with a heroine on a bike who was punishing car owners who litter the streets of Moscow.

The avenger is riding her bike through the Russian capital, notices how drivers throw away bottles and bags from the windows of cars , and then picks up the garbage and “returns” to its owners.

The first victim of the eco-avenger becomes a woman driving a red BMW, which threw out the window a pack of cigarettes. In retaliation, the motorcyclist throws back into the car a few cigarette butts, as well as an iron ashtray. Then she notices as a guy in a silver Ford throws a plastic bottle out with some kind of drink. Picking up the bottle, the heroine of the roller catches the car and sticks the bottle with duct tape to the right mirror.

The next target for the righteous attack of the avenger on a motorcycle becomes a driver in a black Mercedes SUV, who discharges from the interior a package with food. Having caught up with the car, the girl throws out leftovers from the bag into the cabin.

I’m sure the Avengers would love to have her in their team 🙂


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