ENORMOUS AMC Gremlin TANK Smashing a Toyota Prius! WHO Cares About The Green? Let’s Discuss Inside!

In this video from an episode of Roadkill you are about to see, we have an AMC Gremlin battling a Toyota Prius on several areas, like road acceleration, circuit competition, and of course, the best is saved for last…

What you are about to see is a real treat for all those who want to compare the so called “green cars” with those who are coming from the “old school”. There are a lot of things, a lot of differences amongst these two vehicles that are shown in this Roadkill episode and you choose which one do you prefer (even though I think we all know the answer on that one).

And for the last, there is the Tank challenge! I’m not going to get into details and tell you what is happening, but will let you enjoy the best part of the show yourself.


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