ENORMOUS POWER OF MOTHER NATURE -- 1080p HD -- EPIC PROPORTIONS of IT! Videos like this makes me think how small and weak are we in the hands of our planet and solar system..!



  1. Egzon Gashi


    1. Sence

      Wake up.

    2. mahmoud younes

      (y) sure my muslim bro

  2. Sonia

    Sure hope I’m never in the way when Mother Nature’s on a mission!

  3. younggeni

    웅장하고 멋진 장면 입니다. 행운이 함께 하시길..

  4. Bida Sari

    Masya Allah,Allahu Akbar!

  5. Anonymous

    We should serve our nature , instead of slaving it !

    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us

  6. i saw the opening to Aghartha about one minute in to the video…

  7. Was power does the god of the moon have here on Earth?

  8. Totally amazing to see such enormous force of power!

  9. Valarie Magana

    Great video & love the music but it, the music (at least some of it), has been used in another video on the earth & I LOVE that video & wished you would have been more original with your music. Otherwise, kudos! Love beautiful videos of our magnificent earth!

  10. Said Hassanieh

    Marvellous… Breathtaking…
    We should watch to know that there exists a power superior to the power of man.

    1. Tom

      That is for sure . God has a way to communicate to us.

    2. Tom

      That is for sure . God has a way to communicate to us.

  11. TRUTH


  12. The real God.

    There is no Allah.

    1. Shakeeb ur Rehman

      there is Allah because our Holy Prophet has shown miracles,evidence,proof and other things to make people assure of that there is only one lord which is Allah.

  13. María

    Me dio taquicardia!!

    Qué poder!

  14. Daniel

    The power of HASHEM!!!

  15. Juan*-*

    Power of JESUS CHRIST

  16. s v ravikumar

    superb just lets bow to the mother nature

  17. s padma

    nature is unbeatable…..god bless us

  18. Sita

    Richo Akshare parame vyoman yasmin Deva adhi vishve nishve nisheduh yastann ved kimricha karishyati ya it
    tad vidus ta ime samaste
    means shortly: the impulses of creative intelligennce, the laws of nature wihch is responsible for the whole manifest univese are the secret power of what we call God, That who knows how to handle it. But when one comes aware of this secret, he should also be aware of the total meaning of this secret in order to deal with it. On such away that one should not make any mistake. For sure NOT TO PLAY OR TO TEST HIS POWER!
    That what we call God is Alla is Johovah(All is That!) is Satya(the truth allmighty Power), he never makes any mistake, or punish his nature by any disaster or showing his power to the people! No, He is the impulse and that never is seen or spoken. The Holy Gost has a lot to do, a lot of work! to put order in the nature. Because of the disorder created by those who know how to handle these impulses but not feeling responsible for the consequence of it. This is happening for many many centuries. And also today!
    Be aware! Nothing in this whole universe is happening by itself. We should not play with the forces of the nature.
    Thank you for understanding this.

  19. Sita

    It is completed

  20. Neslihan

    I” m exited saw the WORLD

  21. Angelina Ylagan

    That’s the power Mother Nature to change the world.

  22. psychotic_jam

    the power of science and nature…..

  23. Glenn

    I’m glad to have this amazing opportunity to inform and witness to you my friend Allah is a false god. Of the 360 gods that the Arabs worshipped at that time, Allah is the god of the moon. It is the god which Muhammad chose to worship because of visions he had in a cave which he thought were evil spirits until his wife convinced him otherwise. I encourage you to research the history of Muhammad. The truth is he used this false religion to finance his raping, murder, and butchery where he would continually alter the Koran to justify such actions which he claimed was revealed to him by Allah. So if Allah changes his mind, how can Allah be perfect if he can’t see the future. There is only one God who os perfect and makes no mistakes or contradictions and He is a God who seeks to have a personal loving relationship with you through His begotten Son Jesus Christ, not through force, but through choice. I hope you make the right choice because where you spend eternity depends on it. Just a note, does a heaven that resembles an orgy seem like a heaven of divine enlightenment by a Holy, righteous, loving God or a place devised by Satan?

  24. vibe666

    @8:21 behold the world’s biggest USB sticks! :v

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