ENORMOUS…(YHA Diesel 60-litre 450bhp-1000bhp) Massive Paxman V12 Diesel Genset Runs Like New!

Take a look at this huge 12YHAZ Paxman V12 diesel genset filmed at the Chatham dockyard in Chatham, Kent, South East England. The V12 engine had been regularly started until recent time as a standby for the Chatham dockyard. It works almost like a modern generator… just a little rusty. After all those years, it still works quite good. Just imagine the things you could do if you had one of these engines in the back yard…I wonder how would this engine looked like in a Fiat 126 🙂

During the 1950s these types of engines were used also for the Ham-class minesweepers of the British Royal Navy. The class featured 93 ships, launched from 1954 to 1959. Also train locomotives and submarines were powered by these diesel engines. Paxman is the major manufacturer of diesel engines in Great Britain. The company was founded in 1865. From 2000, Paxman is part of the MAN B & W Diesel Group AG.

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