Epic BMW Crash With An INSTANT KARMA PAYBACK!!! BMW In A Hurry Tries To Pass A School Bus But Ends Up KISSING THE CONCRETE FENCE!!!

Dashboard camera footage filmed a week ago by both the front and rear camera shows a wild BMW crash. The BMW in a big hurry to get somewhere and trying to pass a school bus where there was no room to pass. Boy did that attempt went wrong!

The car crashed into a bus, then jumped spectacularly onto the concrete fence – so ended the attempt to overtake BMW driver on the right side.

Some folks are just awful drivers. Sometimes this is because of the improper training they received at the driving school. It’s a fact that some U.S. states have testing which is not exactly where it should be. Sometimes bad driving is the result of the person’s age. As people get older they start to lose their eyesight as well as their reaction time. Also, in many case this simply occurs because people are very impatient and tend to get nervous while driving on the streets.

Impatience is never paid when you are behind the wheel…and that is precisely what this BMW driver has learned as he was not expecting it at all! God only knows what made this driver to maneuver the BMW F30 3-Series saloon the way he did, but the chances are huge that one doesn’t go for that kind of overtaking without being just a little bit of irritated with the traffic.

The driver pressed the honk when the vehicle in front gives way to a school bus. Seeing that they are going towards the highway, he decided to do “something better”, but he had not expected that his genius idea would not be implement so easily and quickly found himself in a predicament.

Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the driver learned a very valuable lesson, one that he will never forget… karma always strikes back!


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