EPIC DRIFTING EXPERIENCE With Flamethrowing Rat Rod!

For a very long time the awkward Japanese and German cramps had to be diluted to come up with something similar like this!

Let’s start first with that this model of Rat Rod or as they are called suicide-rod, it is essentially the same as a hot-rod, but if the latter is tweaked to shine with perfection on the inside and outside, the Rat Rod in most cases has a deterrent looks and rust on it, which actually gives it its unique style and attractiveness.

Many people call these cars are ugly, while others believe the opposite for the custom creations like the ideal shape of a car, which is also not subject to time and fast-paced automotive trends. This “piece of metal” can kick ass of almost any Japanese upstart model, and to do so with the maximum amount of smoke and violent sounds coming out of the exhaust system on the sides and with an open engine compartment.


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