EPIC RACE of General Lee and The Bandit – The Two MOST ICONIC MUSCLE CARS Seen In Films And Television!!!

General Lee and The Bandit – they use their huge V8 engines to do what a lot of people would like to do well – a true driving art. On the ground, in the grass, and especially on asphalt. In this video produced by the Hot Rod magazine, we have no drama, no accelerated scene, nor any special effects. Only two fierce muscle cars doing what your mother, girlfriend or your father would hate you to do i.e. maximum fun in ultimate redneck style.

So come in, sit down, shut up and brace yourself because now you are about to find out that these are simply General Lee and The Bandit. Which one do you think will win? Invite all of your friends who are fans of the General Lee and The Bandit and place your bets.

This great video footage was filmed and edited by Jason Lewis in the Arkansas countryside back in November 2011. Thanks a lot Hot Rod magazine! 🙂


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