Exotic Drag Race Of HUNGRY Nissan GTR vs ULTRA DEMONIC BLACK Lamborghini Aventador!!!

At the end of October this year, YouTube user TheBayAreaRacing filmed another of their drag races held at unknown locations. This time, the cars competing were Nissan GTR R35 against Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with engine power of 720 hp. The Aventador was property of the racing team Lease Locators Racing supplied by the car dealer Lamborghini Dallas.

Now as much as we love the Nissan GTR (not that we love the Aventador any less), but we have to say that the race is not the best one you will see. The winner of the race was the Nissan GTR, however it could be said that the driver of the GTR cheated in the race, since the Aventador was doing a rolling race while the GTR launched off the start. The final result of the race would be quite different if the driver of the Lamborghini would have used launch control at 100%. In my opinion this race needs a rematch. Then we would see the real capabilities of these two cars. What do you think?


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