EXOTIC RC Submarine U-16 – NOW Search For PIRATE TREASURES In The Sea !!!

Who as a child did not play with boats? Many of you will remember, how in the past children built small sailfish and run them on the spring creeks. Making the body of a tree bark, sticks using some sticks and their rich imagination, and came up with the sail from a piece of paper. Those days are gone, toy technology has reached incredible heights, and interest in working models of ships grew even more. In the past we could only dream of a submarine toy, but today it is a reality.

Check out this underwater unmanned fully functional RC 1:18 scale model of the German submarine U-16.

This is an awesome RC model ready for diving under water with remote control in all directions and the possibility of changing frequency. The shell of the RC is a copy of the actual submarine at 1:18 scale. Finally you will have a submarine in your possession!  This great video was made in Jackson creek in Bloomington, Indiana.

Enjoy this magnificent underwater show 🙂


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