What is with these wild Romanian dudes which makes them drift so much on mountains? ๐Ÿ™‚ If you ask me, Romania is starting to look a lot like Japan when it comes to drifting. There is a beautiful drifting tradition developing there. The people in this country are pretty much impressed and crazy about drifting. I would just remind you of the stunning and amazing female drifter Ramona Rusu. I guess there is no need to mention Florian โ€œTenguโ€ Cosmuta and his superb drifting sessions in his black Toyota Supra. Well, here is a video with another Romanian drifter who obviously proved the trust in him.

On the video we see a professional drifter from the drift club Tengu Drift, based in Romania, who demonstrates his impressive driving skills while maneuvering his Toyota Supra through a twisting mountain road.

Kudos to Romania, their drifting and their beautiful women. These people definitely deserve nothing but the best reviews. Enjoy this brilliant drifting performance!


4 thoughts on “RATE HIM! I Would Say EXPERT DRIFT on a TINY MOUNTAIN ROAD!

  1. Tibor Turzik

    deamn nice ride good speed very nice controll of the car perfect i gave 9/10

    because to 10 he needs a other car

    1. Mac

      Glad you like it Tibor Turzik. What car do you think he needs?

      1. wan BRU

        i think he need nissan silvia s15 power drift car hahaha that the best drift car i seen on this around year…

        1. Mac

          Great choice! That’s a hell of a drift car ๐Ÿ™‚

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