EXTRA DRIFT Video from KEMEREVO DRIFT FEST 2014 – This is How Russians are Doing It…

As we know well from other things, Russians have their own way of dealing with things, very often pretty much extreme from different points of view, and the same could be said when it comes to pulling a car stunt, drifting, drag racing etc. This time we have ‘normal’ video from the car drifting festival that was held this summer in the remote town of Kemerevo.

The event is taking place at a football stadium, and as we can see on the video, it is either too soon from the official start of the show, or the Russians does not seem to be very much exited and motivated to attend on it. But regardless on that, drivers do not seem to be bothered by it and starts to have fun on the tarmac track.

I have searched for Kemerevo on the map and it seems to be much closer to Afghanistan and Iraq, than the big Russian cities that we know like Moscow, or Saint Petersburg. So if next summer you happened to be ‘nearby’, go and visit Kemerevo and have a good time with Russian drifters and of course, the gorgeous looking Russian girls :).

Check it out!



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