WHAT A BEAST! Man Takes Out His Fantastic Lamborghini Countach For A Ride Doing 280 Km/H On The Autobahn!

Each of you who are born before 1980 had fantasized driving a Lamborghini Countach. Unfortunately, too few have been able to accomplish this dream.

One of the best sports cars of the 80s, which remains fascinating to this day, is the Lamborghini Countach with the distinctive wedge body and doors that open upwards. Since then we may have seen many newer supercars, however, the powerful V12 engine offers still worthy services rapidly accelerating the classic sports model as shown in the following video which easily catches the speed of 280 km/h on the Autobahn. Fortunately, there are heroes among us such as YouTube user Lambo50th. Heroes with very heavy right foot and a video camera.

Indeed, the Lamborghini Countach is an automotive icon of the 1980s with the exotic angular beauty in its maximum expression. This car is a true classic that some people are really lucky enough to own. And of course, grab the highway and press the gas pedal to the floor!

Increase the volume of your speakers or put headphones to enjoy this opportunity! 🙂


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