Female Driver Gets An EPIC REVENGE After Another Driver Steals Her Parking Space! Karma Couldn’t Be ANY SWEETER!!!

Revenge is definitely a sweet thing to do when you’re dealing with superidiotic morons who won’t respect traffic rules and are incredibly rude. This is how the woman on this video was thinking when she faced something that happens once in a lifetime. But also, the way she handled the situation is something that you see only once in a lifetime. As she was backing her red Peugeot into a parking spot, another driver in a white Suzuki decides to show up and take her place. She could either look for another free space or teach the opportunist some manners. For her, option #2 was more appropriate. She decided to still use the parking space, blocking both vehicles in.

But this clever woman right here had it all figured out. Right after she parked her car next to the white Suzuki, thus blocking the door for the driver of the Suzuki, she opened the roof of her convertible car and got out without a problem. Revenge is sweet, especially when it’s served immediately 🙂
This whole video could have been staged, but nevertheless it’s very cool we have to admit. Don’t you just love the way how karma works?

And if you want to see another case of parking lot rage, follow this link. 


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