Ferrari Mania To Hit “Need For Speed: Rivals” on November 15th

There is no a racing game enthusiast who has not played the epic Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed series.

This mind-challenging game had a pretty much rich span of car models. The El Nino is among the most favored. Even a brand-specific game narrating the Porsche evolution was created.

However, there is a big negligence by the Electronic Arts` team. A Ferrari car model has not been introduced at all until the appearance of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Ferrari Mania

Later versions of the game continue keeping the Ferrari out.

Now, a new Need For Speed title was launched on November 15th, the Rivals version. “Need For Speed: Rivals” finally includes a worthy lineup of Ferraris.

On November 15, 2013 the NFS 2013 will be available for PS4, on Nov 19, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and on Nov 22 for Xbox One.


Electronic Arts has rendered a set of photographs with the Beasts driven in the Rivals version.

The stunning collection of Ferraris encompasses the 458 Spider, the uber-cool F60 Enzo, the track-ready 599 GTO, and the menacing 700-horsepower F12berlinetta.


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