FIGHTING To DEATH This Time! Mud Truck Madness Hosts An INSANE MEGA TRUCK Tug Of War!!!

Every year near the small town of Many, Louisiana on the annual Good Friday weekend, Mud Truck Madness hosts many series of wild pit races, live entertainment, obstacle course/hill and hole and a lot more. The 2014 edition of Good Friday weekend was held from 18th to 19th of April 2014. This year the Thursday evening was enriched with the addition of another great activity – the Tug of War. The event proved as a total success and the fun was of course, inevitable.

In this Tug of War battle we have several lifted trucks including another member of the famous Singer Slinger Mud Team. The trucks sure showed us a great and powerful performance. The tug of war was held on a concrete surface with a lot of dirt and water, providing some good traction and excellent entertainment. There is nothing like some powerful trucks on huge tires raging with ferocity and anger. Enjoy the show folks!


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