LUNATIC Ford F250 6.4 Powerstroke On HEAD TO HEAD Drag Race With A Mustang At MoKan Dragway!

We’ve seen many impressive drag races with trucks before but those diesel drag trucks are very rare but the toxic diesel smoke is awesome on the drag track, it simply poisoning the opponent. And we are all aware what this Diesel Powerstroke can unleash!

So let’s take a look at the stock performance of the Ford F250 Powerstroke engine. 6.4-liter V8 turbo charged with twin-sequential turbochargers, direct injection of the diesel, 4-valves per cylinder and the sum of that is 350hp @3.000rpm and 650lb-ft of torque @2.000rpm. They are not quite impressive but it will pass. It was definitely quite enough to perform such a wild show at the Mo-Kan dragway.

Let’s not forget the tuning possibilities that this engine offers, so we doubt that this Ford F250 doesn’t have some upgrades at least on the tubros. But we let on you to decide that and if you know more details feel free to share with us.

Now take a look at the video how the both family members are standing on the start line waiting for the no mercy battle to start. The F250 ran the quarter mile for 12.84 seconds at speed of 106mph, not bad at all. So on which family member you place your bets before watching the video?


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