Ford Is Working on Its “Obstacle Avoidance” Technology!

Ford is doing some crazy experiments, such as enabling a car to park itself without a driver and automatic turning of the steering wheel when a pedestrian is in potential danger of being hit by a car.
The trials are ongoing in Belgium. In any time soon, there are no plans of putting such product on the market.

Ford Experiment

The Ford’s Fully Assisted Parking Aid enables the driver to stand outside the car and watch the car park for itself.

A parallel parking assist feature has been already adjusted to the Ford vehicles; however, for this activity, the driver is required to sit behind the steering wheel and take control of the brake pedal.

“Parking in today’s cities can be stressful and difficult,” stated Barb Samardzich, vice president of Ford in Europe. “We want to make it as easy, efficient and accurate as possible.”

Ford describes this technology as “obstacle avoidance”. It detects pedestrians, slow-moving objects, or stationary obstacles. In case the driver cannot steer or brake, the system will automatically turn on and avoid the collision.

The system makes use of three radars, a scanning camera, and ultrasonic sensors.


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