This Is Why It Is Called General Lee: 1969 DODGE CHARGER R/T DRIFTING At Full Throttle Baby!!!

Tell us this: Is there someone out there who doesn’t want General Lee parked in his garage? We bet with both hands that even those one with almost zero knowledge about cars will fall in love with this beast. The only thing they should do is to watch the famous movie “Dukes of Hazzard” where General Lee has the main role and always riding with open front windows. Yeah, we shouldn’t allow ourselves not to mention the front steel shield!

Some rumors say that 330 General Lees where used for the recording of the famous movie and 17 of them are still around, so we take the full right to claim that our General Lee on the video is 100% authentic and original caring the 440 V8 Magnum engine. Yeah, the 7.2-liter V8 which can produce amazing 375HP and 482lb-ft of torque and deliver that power to the rear axle through the 4-speed manual transmission.

What’s left here is to give you a brief introduction what the General is doing in our video. He is going completely nuts while performing the best muscle car drifts you’ve ever seen before! Watch the video and enjoy in the pure muscle car sound and screaming of the tires.


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