GET INSIDE Far Cry 4 SURVIVE If You Can!! INSANE Tuk Tuk Truck (100 HP Engine) Drifts and Shoots!

The engineer Colin Furze, with the support of the French company Ubisoft made an exact copy of the auto rickshaw who is the main protagonist of the video game Far Cry 4.

In real life, it is terrible to drive this vehicle because of high risk of accidents and unpredictability of Asian traffic on the roads and in computer games the such equipped Tuk Tuk with its destructive power frightens even the  mafia bosses.

This unusual TUK600 or TUK OFF became a real embodiment of the Far Cry terminator. British inventor Colin Furze made this miracle to be driven on the road and destroy enemies – having the same feeling he had experienced while playing Far Cry 4.

The low-power engine of the red Tuk Tuk went in the trash, and was replaced by a 100-horsepower engine from the sportbike Honda CBR 600. Also with a tenfold increase in power, the rickshaw received two grenade launchers on the roof, two Uzi submachine guns in front, two AK-47 on the sides and a pair of flamethrowers behind. With such equipped vehicle, Colin rushed to conquer the top of YouTube.


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