Get Ready For EDWARD!!! FUTURISTIC ELECTRIC Dicycle BETTER THAN Star Wars spacecraft!

Back in 2010 students from the University of Adelaide in Australia came up with a vehicle resembling a spacecraft from the movie “Star Wars”. The eccentric single machine is equipped with two wheels and an electric motor, through which you can move at high speeds.

The students have called their new invention EDWARD – Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping. The design of the dicycle consists of a pair of big wheels, between which is mounted the driver’s seat, electric motor, and an electronic control system.

Electric motor and lead-acid battery last for an hour of active movements. With a quiet ride the battery life is increasing.

Like all such dicycles, while driving EDWARD can be shaken strongly attached to the wheels of the cradle with the driver. Engineers have solved this problem with the stabilization system comprising at will. However, it does not provide absolute stability of the cockpit: the deviation angle from the vertical axis can be up to 12 degrees. However, in any case, sitting inside you will not experience seasickness. Unless you want to intentionally disable the stabilizing mechanism and perform a couple of tricks, swaying and tumbling along with cradles. Or, say, turn upside down and lock yourself in this position.


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