GODLIKE PULL!!! The New 2015 Suzuki Jimny, An Ant That Tows Trucks Loaded with Jimnys!!!

Launched in 1970 (then mounted on a two-stroke engine), the Jimny has retained its character over the years jaunty, in the groove, it’s appropriate to say, that the 4×4 tradition has made Suzuki. Today the most compact off-road vehicle in the world with reducer is renewed with the version 1.3 Evolution and Evolution + and with this, the new Jimny Ari.

The novelty which characterizes the Jimny 2015 may be divided into two categories: in terms of aesthetics the renewed instrument panel will signal, more aggressive than the last, the steering wheel and leather headrests, new seat fabrics, alloy wheels with new design and eight different color variations.

Unchanged engine, the proven 1.3-liter petrol engine, but the power (85 hp) was reduced to 0.2 kW so as to fall within the limits of 55 kW per ton; in this way can be ridden by novice drivers.

The other news is that the Jimny Ari is limited to only 100 pieces. Ari is a Japanese word for ant, animal, as it is known, has an extraordinary force. True to its name, the Jimny Ari has driven for 100 meters at the Marina di Carrara 4×4 Fest last weekend a car transporter of 20 tons on which were loaded 8 Jimny adding 9 tons more.


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