GOODBYE To FLAT TIRES On Your Bike! Say Hello To Rhinotire – The Puncture-proof Tires For motorcycles!

The RhinoTire technology , according to the statements of its creators, is a technological breakthrough in the automotive industry. Its essence consists in the application of a unique polymer RhinoPlex to the inside of the tire, which will instantly seal any puncture or incision up to a 1/4 of an inch. The polymer is heated to a very high temperature and then it is sprayed evenly inside the tire.

With Rhinotire is improved the manageability, efficiency and safety of driving. And all this, of course, due to stronger tires.

This technology can be applied to any type and size of tires. Bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial trucks – it works on new and used tires with the same result.

By applying a gel inside the tire at a temperature of 120 ° C, RhinoTire transforms your bike tires into puncture-proof tires. When the tire is punctured, the gel just reseals the holes. This is surely an ideal product for those who are both fakirs and riders 🙂


46 thoughts on “GOODBYE To FLAT TIRES On Your Bike! Say Hello To Rhinotire – The Puncture-proof Tires For motorcycles!

  1. vineeth

    wt if the nail latches onto the Tyre?

    1. Rick

      Dumb ass remove the nail after you have done riding 🙂

  2. Jeff

    You have made 2 contradictory statements ; 1. ”The polymer is heated to a very high temperature and then it is sprayed evenly inside the tire.”
    2. ”By applying a gel inside the tire at a temperature of 12 ° C, RhinoTire transforms your bike tires into puncture-proof tires”

    Which is it really? 12 degrees Celsius is not by any means a very high temperature.

    1. Me

      it says 120 C

  3. admin

    There was a typo in the article and it is now fixed…the correct temperature is 120 degrees Celsius!

  4. woodtic

    how does the gel affect the balance of the tyres? can balance beads still be used in the tyres?

    1. Lex

      If it’s sprayed evenly, it won’t affect it at all, but as you well know you should balance them before hand regardless of what kind of tire they are.

      1. ralph

        He’s referring to the use of Dyna Beads for balancing. Can they be used with the gel. I would suspect no.

        1. Mac ( Post author )

          It would be best to contact the manufacturer of these tires for more information about the matter Ralph. Here is a link to its official website:

  5. woodtic

    and what is the approx. cost per motorcycle tyre?

  6. alleoO

    where can i get this in Malaysia? Please email me

  7. Andy Strachan

    I have been running puncturesafe in my tyres for a couple of years does exactly what these tyres do

  8. vicky

    yeah awesome now try bullets on it…..

    1. From what the page says (will instantly seal any puncture or incision up to a 1/4 of an inch), this thing can withstand .22 caliber bullets which includes m16 rifles.
      But if the bullet rips off the rim, no tire is durable.

  9. Ziyaad mohamoodally

    Need to get in contact for some business perpose. Here in my country i can commercialize these tires so Mail me urgent…!

  10. Jan van Schaik

    Is this product available in South Africa (Cape Town)?

  11. Stephan Byarlay

    1. Typo in the introduction: recepie. Try ‘recipe’, it makes more sense.

    2. Can the twinkie on the bike not ride the length of a 3 foot board without paddling?

    3. I think any substance contacting the inside surface of the tire at 248 degrees F will have a negative effect on the life of the tire.

    4. Have you given any thought to the effects of the additional rotating mass on the vehicle?

    5. Have you given any thought to the effects of additional unsprung weight on the vehicle?

    6. Why not incorporate this technology in the manufacture of the tire?

    1. Matte

      Thank you! For a sec there I thought I was alone.

  12. Stewart

    I live in Nova Scotia. Where can I get this and how much?

    1. john

      same here i want it too ..

  13. I”m interested in buying the product where can I purchase this product, or tires for my motorcycle.

    Call me at 1(760) 768-8888 attn: Marco

  14. jason patridge

    What happens when the tire heats up in a race? Will it melt?

    1. Edgar Hibbert

      I believe this will not work for races. The cornering speed will be slower, due to the weight being on the outer side of the tyre the bike would not be able to turn as fast, even if its 100g all round you would feel the difference. Like Carbon Rims, it weighs almost the same as normal rims, except most of the weight is centered in the middle for more agility.

      1. Mac ( Post author )

        You’re probably right Edgar. Nevertheless these tires would be useful for daily ride 🙂

  15. Lee Chee ming

    Hi, where can i buy this product in Malaysia or Singapore?

  16. Matthew Wilcock

    Can it be used against the law to do a bank job? You should watch who u sell it too… the wayy im just thinking about this idea whilee i play gta5 on my ps3….hahahah later

  17. lp640

    What a bout spike strips

  18. No…
    I think this thing only works on tubeless tires.
    If has inner tube, I think this thing should be sprayed on the inside of the inner tube which means having to rip it up first which is hardly possible.

  19. Morne Smit

    Please send me more info on this product and what does it take for me to become a reseller?

  20. How much do these motorcycle tires cost? Are they available for all bikes? Are they available in Florida?

  21. Mike

    From what I see, this is nothing new (except maybe the ‘hot temperature’ application mode).
    “Flat-Proof” gel was a common add-on to my mates’s motorbikes & mine 30+ years ago. It was OK for the tube type tires of the time and would have worked the same on tubeless.
    Application required to deflate tires, pour in the well-shaken liquid via the pipe tube fitted on the valve, then quickly reinflate and immediately hit a 10 Km minimum ride to warm & spread the product evenly inside the tubes. This was not a 100% guarantee against all kinds of punctures, but a cheap insurance for most cases anyway.
    We used that on 125cc trailbikes, where balancing issues were minimal ; however, it seems big bikes were using the product too with the same satisfaction. Modern balancing tooling available today everywhere can certainly help getting the best results.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us Mike! 🙂

  22. Rob

    Where can I buy this in Holland? Or can I buy from the internet?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Here is a link to the official website of the company Rob.
      Hope that helps 😉

  23. John Saunders

    When you stop riding does the gel all run to the lowest spot until it heats up again ?
    Just asking no critcism .
    To get the tyre to 120 deg centigrade do you have to pre boil them and then spin the tyre to get an even coating if so how the hell are you going to boil a truck tyre , your going to need a bloody big pot and stove let alone all your mates to come over to spin the darned tyre to get the even coat.
    If you don’t get even coat does it still work or do you have to keep on trying till you get it right .
    Is there a warranty/guarantee on the product?
    Oh and by the way
    TIRE means you are beginning to get weary .
    TYRE is the correct way to spell an item which goes on to a vehicle rim .
    Please learn the ENGLISH language.
    NB : the above words use “y” not “I”
    When you paY with a cheque does it bounce .

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      You can find out more on the official website of the company John –

      Thanks for your notice, however: A tire (American English) or tyre (British English),[1] is a ring-shaped vehicle component that covers the wheel’s rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance.

  24. wayne

    I would like to see high speed tests for prolonged periods after that plank test before I would trust it, and I`m talking in the 300kmph range.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      That’s a great idea Wayne!

  25. Joebusa

    That’s great to get home but I wouldn’t run that tire for long after the puncture due to belt damage of the tire.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Good thinking Joebusa 😉

  26. elmisyamsury

    Hello. I’m from Malaysia. How to become a distributors of this pruduct. I’ts amazing

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Here is the official website of the manufacturer: It’s best that you contact them.

  27. Gary Rogers

    Used a similar product in the late 60’s. Worked as described but created another problem. It came up the valve core and jelled preventing inflation of the tire. Only solution was to dismount the tire and replace the valve core.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      That’s quite interesting Gary. The good news is that now we have a working product 🙂

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